10 Ways to Make Our Dreams Come True!

It’s official. I have been here 6 months! Having served  here  since January, it’s become clear what our studio needs.  Here is the good news–

We have amazing staff and volunteers.

Staff, Abram Guthrie giving lessons in throwing pottery.

Our staff and volunteers  provide more than just instruction—they provide support.  All artist need family support  or a patron, or a mentor to assist in their endeavors to learn new techniques, purchase supplies and to become independent artists .  

Volunteer fiber artist, Anya  with Conall

These people make dreams come true.

The more we learn about digital techniques, firing clay, using oil based paints, the more inspired we become.   But sometimes our dreams of creating something like an epic puppet movie, can be squashed into character drawings for lack of resources.

So, after several community meetings, CAS  artists expressed where they want to take their work.   CAS staff and volunteers  developed a list of items that are outside of our limited budget.

They are:

  1. More studio volunteers
  2. Individual Storage for artists
  3. Regular supply of “Wonder White,” clay.
  4. A projector
  5.  Regular supply of watercolor Paper, stretched canvas
  6. Regular supply of ceramic glaze
  7. Laptop/tablet
  8. Theater workshops/lessons
  9. Puppeteering  instruction
  10. Ink

If you are reading this and you are able to become a patron in any way, please contact us. We would love to have you as a dream maker.



Javaughn Fernanders

Art Program Director, Companion Art Studio


Wands made at the CAS studio by CAS artists.

Featured post


We’re having a party!

This week we are getting ready for our Fall Open House, selecting work to show and sweeping the floor.  We’ve also made up a menu and need help fulfilling it.  It is our basic fruit&veggie dip chips and drink kinda party. Please let us know what  or if you can bring  at artist@thecompanionprogram.org, or call

503-359-2557 ext. 4037. See you Friday, September 29th!



The more things change, the more  they stay the same.  That’s an old saying and a little bit true here at the studio.

Change: Abram Guthrie-Potter, our Staff Artist is going to Art School–in Wisconsin!  His skills in working with our artists, giving personal and class instruction and silly dances will be missed.   We’ve learned a lot about Fine Art, color, and glue from that guy and we


await his visits on vacation! 20170714_161248

In the meantime, and I am sorry I haven’t updated you, Kelsey Johnson, Forest Grove native and Power Puff Professional has been working with us for a while now.  She has a lot of experience working in the I/DD community and was a previous service provider for  TCP.

We made a movie with our Kindle Tablets! It will be posted soon.

You think we’d had enough of digital filmaking? Nope.  We are currently working on A Radiant Tale, a  collaborative story inspired by Conall McCleod.  The tablets have also

been used for spell checks, games, and digital photography workshops.   Thank you Awesome Beaverton Grant!




Guess What We’re Making! no really–guess.

On February 17, the Companion Art Studio will unveil one of our best collaborative pieces. It is a multimedia project and we are so proud of it!

We not only want YOU to guess what the story is, we invite you to participate in its’ creation.


Each week, we will post pictures of our progress and a list of materials.

With the same or similar materials at home;

  1. Create what you think we are making.
  2. Post it HERE along with what you believe you just created.
  3. On February 7th, 2017, based on what you’ve been making post what you think the title of our project is.

Winners will be put in a drawing for a piece of artwork from the story.

Here is the first one–post yours by January 17th!

Materials: cardboard,  template(see below), foil, glue, paints.




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